Team sports, combat sports and other life entertainment.

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Life and relationships are like games or sporting events, you’re either in or out, participating or not, in the supporters stand or absent. The great Master Osho talks about ‘relating’ to one another and self when he discusses relationships in his book “love, freedom, aloneness, The Koan Of Relationships”.  The actual word ‘relate’ has many definitions.

One of them is from the Latin word relātus meaning brought back, already we observe a great energy taking place simply by the bringing back of whatever it is we wish to relate to. Imagine in a relationship, it is insignificant the ‘who’ or ’what’ the relationship is with, the important theme really, is that in any type of relationship, we are unconsciously searching for a reference point; a point that allows our physical being to feel comfortable or familiar with. That is the very element of our ego self (the human/logic/conscious mind) that needs to fulfill its occupation of protector and survivor.

The reference point is in our past experiences, and these experiences have attachments to them that are associated with an emotional energy of love or fear.

We meet with a current situation and automatically and unconsciously we begin the search. The search is to find relatedness or reference in order for our ego self (the human/logic/conscious mind), to feel “this is good” or “this is bad”. According to this context we choose to continue the experience or not, which is paradoxically determined by your soul contract (blue print).

Plato spoke of the “plane between worlds” which he described as the place where souls went to be judged. Then a decision was made on what, if any, other lessons there were still to be learned and the souls accordingly chose their next journey/blue print as well as the cast and the story for their next incarnation. Before entering the plane of earth, however, the souls would go through the river of forgetfulness. What would be the point if we knew everything before it happened?

Have you ever used the words “I heard the bells ringing but I ignored them” or “I knew I shouldn’t have…”?  So why do we ignore the bells or our ‘gut’ feel? There is something in our psyche that draws us into it. We create the situation we need to grow from.  The experience of that incident is needed. Unconsciously we choose the experience according to our blue print. This is where we meet with the paradox. Free will or choice versus soul contract.  We as humans are taught or conditioned to believe certain types of information about ourselves. Depending on our conditioning, we choose the experience we need in order to create more reference points.  These reference points become the substance of our emotions. Either the emotion is fear based or it is love based. We go out into our world to search for a relationship that will show us how to love ourselves. We do this mostly unconsciously.

The energy of relationship with others is about reference points to Self.

Explore the possibility that your relationship is a manifestation of your reference points according to your past experiences, conditioned beliefs and/or the lessons you believe you have learnt through these experiences. Are your team players serving your highest good? Has your solo game (choosing to be alone) positively taught you to relate to your self and therefore others?

If you answer ‘no’, then by choosing to use your conscious mind; your awakened self, you can now discover and create a new source of communication and enjoy a love based energy experience instead. Choose to contribute in your love and life.

Theoni Moraitis 2012

Authur of T.H.E.O.N.I. Way – A collection of original inspirational messages

What’s cooking Good looking?

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The cosmic kitchen, the Universe, serves you what you feel you have. So if you are in “survival mode” then you will experience a constant feeling of “I just need to get through this then I’ll be ok”. Similarly when you are in “blame mode” you will be given more victimization. It is your thoughts that produce emotions (energy in motion).


Consider what your thoughts create in your physical body. This energy then manifests into your reality. When your body feels tight or restricted with certain thoughts that unconsciously pass through your thinking mind, then you will experience in your reality the feeling of trapped or stuck.


By bringing your awareness into your thought patterns and consciously choosing to improve and channel your “good” and “positive” thoughts into your physical, in those moments your body will respond. This is the type of energy you want the cosmic kitchen to feel and cook up to serve you.


The more you fine tune these thought/feeling waves the better you can channel these energies to flow in and out your body thereby encouraging your visual thinking for yourself. The more you experience new and different situations the greater in creation you are of your life.


Learning to shrink your Ego’s persistence to be in “survival/blame mode” which can be a destructive force, will bring you the support of a far more superior force called POSSIBILITIES.


Stop for a moment. Imagine the life you wish to have (presuming you are not having it already). There in that moment you experienced a different thought energy immediately followed by an old pattern of what you perceive is not possible. To eliminate this uncertainty you need to use your conscious mind as the kitchen of your creation. You already have all that you need, that which is your birth right, to be here, to experience for your highest good; choices; free will.


Just as “you are what you eat” so too is “you are what you think you are” and “you have what you feel you have”. Energy simply takes shape and form from the time of its inception in your mind space to the outcome in your physical world.


In summary, your mind is the kitchen that prepares your meal which will both nourish and satisfy you or depending on the meal you prepare for yourself, leave you feeling hungry for more and otherwise suffering indigestion. The Universe always supports your choices.




Sugar or salt?

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Sometimes, life throws you a lemon and when you choose to stir in some sugar, you can make lemonade. Or if you wish to choose something less sweet, apparently it goes rather well with salt and tequila. It does not matter that life gives you the lemon; it is really about what you do with that lemon that matters. Whether you believe it or not, it does not change the fact that you have choices and make choices every day of your life. Even not making a choice is essentially choosing not to make a choice. Making use of this metaphor illustrates how our imagination has the power to create anything we wish to create, even when do not wish it! (Fear vibration versus love vibration).


Your imagination is vital to your ability to visualize the decision you wish to make. Again, whether you are aware or not of the fact that you are using your imagination to make choices, it is in your visualizing a past experience, future wishful outcome, or fear full result that positively or negatively motivates your choices.


Think back to previous life changing points for yourself and recall your reasons for making those decisions and see where or how they have affected your life today. How many of those results impacted your life and have left you feeling great about them, and how many do you feel that you could have chosen better? What similarities did you find? Do you see that the same “issue” keeps coming up for you? Perhaps you don’t see these in the same shape or form; however, the emotion is the same.


It was Albert Einstein that said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” This, simply put, means that you had those thoughts then and you have these thoughts now. Your thinking was capable of only that then, and now, you know more, you know better, you have experienced more and you are in a position to make a different choice. Therefore you can create a different outcome. Depending on what you imagine the consequences to be and how you feel about them, the conclusion is exactly the mental image you chose at the point of making the choice. So change your recipe: lemonade. Choose your ingredients: positive imagination/mental images. Enjoy the taste of what you created – attitude.


What’s love got to do with it?

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In 1993, Tina Turner sang this titled song, asking a valid question and answering it with “What’s love but a second hand emotion”.


Every relationship requires one common denominator in order for it to be labeled a “relationship”. This common denominator is what we term “emotions”. An emotion is simply energy in motion. Whether this emotion is love based or fear based, it’s still the energy in motion in relationships and every emotion has an “attachment”.


Where we attach our emotions is what we are having a relationship with. Relationships are experienced with our parents, children, teachers, and any other person we attach our emotions to. Cars, money and other material things also have our emotions attached to them. Negative or positive emotional attachments decide the negative or positive movement of a relationship.


The Sacral or Second Chakra (energy centre in the human body) governs relationship issues. When there is discomfort or dis-ease in that area, (lower back and area between solar plexus and groin) there is certain insecurity or challenges within the relationship. Energy is “stuck” until the emotion is dealt with. For example, blame, guilt or control problems are low vibrating energies and acceptance, surrender and love are high vibrating energies. Low intensity cause obstructions whereas high intensity allow for free flow.


Choices in consciousness or unconscious state of mind bring about changes that either assist in smooth dissolving of the issue or gives in to resistance which then creates negative blockages that keep energy stuck in the physical – high vibrating versus low vibrating energy in motion.


Alert-to- life type choices generate continuous flow with the happenings of BEing. Investigate the power of love based energy compared to the unsupportive energy of fear based feelings.


The Heart Chakra is the energy centre that records emotions. Here is an exercise that can help you establish a connection with your LOVE energy. Place your left hand over your Heart Chakra (heart area), close your eyes and visualize the colour green. Use your imagination to see this colour in a forest of trees or anything that feels natural and comforting for you. In your mind’s eye, picture the word LOVE floating in this colour green. Now feel this vibration in your body. When you next wish to analyze which energy state your emotions are in then remember this exercise and how you felt. The power to change from low to high vibrating energy is in your choices and attitude.


Feel what love has to do with everything by experiencing it firsthand! Choose to let go of attachments that do not serve your love vibration. Where love is present everything else is a second hand emotion.


T.H.E.O.N.I. Way

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“Claiming responsibility for your personal issues IS recognising that your life is your creation. Believing that others’ are responsible for your personal issues IS recognising that you are a victim of your life. Receiving lessons create the stretch you need in order to leap. Your attitude to your life determines whether you learn anything. Free will. Choose.” – To leap feels literally as if you have jumped into a space that you recognize as either “hurt” or “clarity”. Hurt is the energy you associate with when you realize that blame has been your operating force. Clarity is the energy you associate with when you realize that YOU create what you focus on. Love and Miracles! Theoni