What’s cooking Good looking?

The cosmic kitchen, the Universe, serves you what you feel you have. So if you are in “survival mode” then you will experience a constant feeling of “I just need to get through this then I’ll be ok”. Similarly when you are in “blame mode” you will be given more victimization. It is your thoughts that produce emotions (energy in motion).


Consider what your thoughts create in your physical body. This energy then manifests into your reality. When your body feels tight or restricted with certain thoughts that unconsciously pass through your thinking mind, then you will experience in your reality the feeling of trapped or stuck.


By bringing your awareness into your thought patterns and consciously choosing to improve and channel your “good” and “positive” thoughts into your physical, in those moments your body will respond. This is the type of energy you want the cosmic kitchen to feel and cook up to serve you.


The more you fine tune these thought/feeling waves the better you can channel these energies to flow in and out your body thereby encouraging your visual thinking for yourself. The more you experience new and different situations the greater in creation you are of your life.


Learning to shrink your Ego’s persistence to be in “survival/blame mode” which can be a destructive force, will bring you the support of a far more superior force called POSSIBILITIES.


Stop for a moment. Imagine the life you wish to have (presuming you are not having it already). There in that moment you experienced a different thought energy immediately followed by an old pattern of what you perceive is not possible. To eliminate this uncertainty you need to use your conscious mind as the kitchen of your creation. You already have all that you need, that which is your birth right, to be here, to experience for your highest good; choices; free will.


Just as “you are what you eat” so too is “you are what you think you are” and “you have what you feel you have”. Energy simply takes shape and form from the time of its inception in your mind space to the outcome in your physical world.


In summary, your mind is the kitchen that prepares your meal which will both nourish and satisfy you or depending on the meal you prepare for yourself, leave you feeling hungry for more and otherwise suffering indigestion. The Universe always supports your choices.




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