What’s love got to do with it?

In 1993, Tina Turner sang this titled song, asking a valid question and answering it with “What’s love but a second hand emotion”.


Every relationship requires one common denominator in order for it to be labeled a “relationship”. This common denominator is what we term “emotions”. An emotion is simply energy in motion. Whether this emotion is love based or fear based, it’s still the energy in motion in relationships and every emotion has an “attachment”.


Where we attach our emotions is what we are having a relationship with. Relationships are experienced with our parents, children, teachers, and any other person we attach our emotions to. Cars, money and other material things also have our emotions attached to them. Negative or positive emotional attachments decide the negative or positive movement of a relationship.


The Sacral or Second Chakra (energy centre in the human body) governs relationship issues. When there is discomfort or dis-ease in that area, (lower back and area between solar plexus and groin) there is certain insecurity or challenges within the relationship. Energy is “stuck” until the emotion is dealt with. For example, blame, guilt or control problems are low vibrating energies and acceptance, surrender and love are high vibrating energies. Low intensity cause obstructions whereas high intensity allow for free flow.


Choices in consciousness or unconscious state of mind bring about changes that either assist in smooth dissolving of the issue or gives in to resistance which then creates negative blockages that keep energy stuck in the physical – high vibrating versus low vibrating energy in motion.


Alert-to- life type choices generate continuous flow with the happenings of BEing. Investigate the power of love based energy compared to the unsupportive energy of fear based feelings.


The Heart Chakra is the energy centre that records emotions. Here is an exercise that can help you establish a connection with your LOVE energy. Place your left hand over your Heart Chakra (heart area), close your eyes and visualize the colour green. Use your imagination to see this colour in a forest of trees or anything that feels natural and comforting for you. In your mind’s eye, picture the word LOVE floating in this colour green. Now feel this vibration in your body. When you next wish to analyze which energy state your emotions are in then remember this exercise and how you felt. The power to change from low to high vibrating energy is in your choices and attitude.


Feel what love has to do with everything by experiencing it firsthand! Choose to let go of attachments that do not serve your love vibration. Where love is present everything else is a second hand emotion.



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