Sugar or salt?

Sometimes, life throws you a lemon and when you choose to stir in some sugar, you can make lemonade. Or if you wish to choose something less sweet, apparently it goes rather well with salt and tequila. It does not matter that life gives you the lemon; it is really about what you do with that lemon that matters. Whether you believe it or not, it does not change the fact that you have choices and make choices every day of your life. Even not making a choice is essentially choosing not to make a choice. Making use of this metaphor illustrates how our imagination has the power to create anything we wish to create, even when do not wish it! (Fear vibration versus love vibration).


Your imagination is vital to your ability to visualize the decision you wish to make. Again, whether you are aware or not of the fact that you are using your imagination to make choices, it is in your visualizing a past experience, future wishful outcome, or fear full result that positively or negatively motivates your choices.


Think back to previous life changing points for yourself and recall your reasons for making those decisions and see where or how they have affected your life today. How many of those results impacted your life and have left you feeling great about them, and how many do you feel that you could have chosen better? What similarities did you find? Do you see that the same “issue” keeps coming up for you? Perhaps you don’t see these in the same shape or form; however, the emotion is the same.


It was Albert Einstein that said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” This, simply put, means that you had those thoughts then and you have these thoughts now. Your thinking was capable of only that then, and now, you know more, you know better, you have experienced more and you are in a position to make a different choice. Therefore you can create a different outcome. Depending on what you imagine the consequences to be and how you feel about them, the conclusion is exactly the mental image you chose at the point of making the choice. So change your recipe: lemonade. Choose your ingredients: positive imagination/mental images. Enjoy the taste of what you created – attitude.



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